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March 25, 2021
Midge Ure

We have a chat with the legend that is Midge Ure about his upcoming tour of the UK

Midge Ure, Rock star, ex member of Slik, Thin Lizzy, Visage and of course Ultravox, and that’s before we mention, organiser with Bob Geldoff of Live Aid and the charity single ‘Do They Know it’s Christmas’ . You’d think he would have a head the sizre of a basketball, but after spending 15 minutes in his company we can assure you he’s an teriffic and unaffected bloke!

We caught up with Midge in his studio (we did ask and he said he prefers to go by that stage name) to chat about his Voice and Visions Tour in 2022 which had been postponed from this year due to the obvious reasons.

The tour will be a rework of classic Ultravox albums Rage in Eden and Quartet and solo hits including the one about Rigsby’s cat!

Midge said that

“though rehearsing had been tricky under lockdown,  these tracks are almost second nature you have to rehearse to ensure the band are “together” I’m sure the performance will be excellent. I’ve had to re-learn much of the songs that I haven’t even really listened to for 40 years!”

The tour is a continuation of the incredible 2018 Vienna & Visage Tour and lets not beat about the bush, this is a Rock concert, with Midge on vocals and superb guitar work. Midge pointed out that although coming from a new wave synth sound of the early 80s the heart of their concerts were always a Rock performance.

We get the feeling Midge hasn’t been gardening during lockdown either, he presents a show on Classical Scala Radio which he said he enjoys tremendously and has brought his attention to new musical experiences from all over the world, allowing him  to bring these experiences to the world of classic and alternative music.

This exploration of intramental music has now inspired a new album that is already 80% complete! Date to be release is yet to be confirmed. In fact he said he has enough work for a couple of albums.

The 2020 tour which starts on th 22 February 2020 kicks off in in York at The Grand Opera House, but for the people in Essex, we will be able to catch him at The Cliffs Pavillion in Southend on Tuesday the 29th March 2020. Tickets are available from the 20th January.

Other nearby venues include The Regents Theatre Ipswich on Monday 14th March and The Corn Exchange in Cambridge on Saturday 5th March.

So if you want to have something to look forward to in 2022 book your tickets for what is graranteed to be a once in a lifetime experience of great music . . The Voice and Visions Tour 2022 – we think it should have been called the thouroughly great chap’s tour 2022!

Midge Ure Official Site

Tickets to Cliff’s pavillion available on 20th January 2022.


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