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Pubs Open!!
Essex Lifestyle
May 17, 2021

But for the punters will it be fun or will it be a pain in the preverbials . . ?  

So if anyone has been out during the lockdown or at least when the lockdown eased a little and alowed us to sit in the car park of their local pub . . they’d know that some pubs have been sensible. Others have made it a test of guile and ingenuity to simply order a pint of your favourite brew.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it’s been dificult for the publicans and restaurant owners (as it has for the rest of us) but I feel that sometimes they make life for themselves unneccesarily awkward and uncomfortable for let’s face it the people that they should be looking after.

We’ve been to pubs (outside) during various stages of the lockdown and some, how can I put it, make life very difficult for us and themselves.

No.1 Please use our APP for ordering drinks

This hasn’t really worked, and it doesn’t stop the face to face problem or perceived problem that it was created for. Someone still has to deliver your beer, or you still have to go and get it. It just creates stress all round. We did at one point (not naming the pub of course but it was one of a small chain of pubs in the Halstead / Earls Colne area) have a waitress stand with us explaining the app rather than simply taking the order. She spend about 5 times as long as she should have done and also exposed herself to our harmful rays! She then went on and continued to show others in the pub garden how to do the same.

On another occasion, we went and had what should have been a pleasant pint at at a pub somewhere in the countryside between Braintree and Chelmsford.

We wandered into the garden, gauged the atmosphere which I can only describe as tense and eventually saw a sign for ordering drinks. We followed the arrows and rather than the ‘hello welcome to our pub we were confronted by ‘ Keep back! what is your table number?’ We replied that we didn’t know, and with his eyes rolling towards the sky was told that we had to have the table number before we ordered. I ran back and found a table, Table 15 it was, and ran back and passed on the information, Table 15 we were then met with ‘Table 15? That table hasn’t been cleaned’ (there was an empty pint glass on it) we said we were fine with that and were then told if we were happy not worrying about coronavirus then he was too . . in a matter of fact kind of way.

As Alan Partridge said 15 times in his book “Bouncing Back” Needless to say, I had the last laugh and after risking our lives sitting a metre away from an unwashed pint glass we promptly left.

Pubs Open

Why not just have waitress /waiter service?

It would seem the easiest option. Once again we sat in a pub garden, I will name this pub, it was the Drum in Earls Colne. Life was simple, our orders were taken at the table and the whole experience was as it should be  . . a pleasure. The beer was good too.

Another good experience was The Onley in Stisted.

So, as we move out of lockdown, I just hope pubs and restaurants are sensible and we can at least be made top feel at ease whilst we ‘relax’ in their establishments.

Knowing human nature I will assume that the pubs that were awkward during lockdown will continue to be after.

We know, we must was our hands regularly, we know we musn’t stick our tongues down the throats of people we don’t know (or do know) and how we know that?  Because it has been drummed into us. There are a few that won’t follow the rules and they can be dealt with quietly and out of sight of the rest of us law abiding citizens.

But for us good ones, the ones that respect others but are not screaming paranoids, let us have a nice relaxing time without to much paperwork or app installation or hoop jumping, let us just sit in a quite corner of your pub and enjoy a pint and of course pay for the privilage.

And if those prices have gone up!!!



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