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Vendors are signing up fast to the new dedicated online shop just for Essex
Essex Lifestyle
April 16, 2021

We all like visiting the shops, but with the busy lifestyle we have created for ourselves this is not always possible. So, when you do shop on-line, wouldn’t it be great to know that you are supporting  local businesses and helping the environment.


There are a combined total of 14,170,000 sellers on Ebay, Amazon and Etsy . . and you wonder why nobody is seeing let alone buying your precious product you are trying to sell.

It’s a major headache trying to get your business or products noticed on the massive worldwide multi-vendor sites that exist, and we all know how much money they are making from the commission that they sell online. As the company’s and their profits get bigger, your products get smaller and less easy to find.

You are purchasing product from all over the world and its big businesses that are selling nearly everything at the front of the queue due to the sites’ algorhythms.

However, there are probably businesses and individuals in Essex that could supply you with an equivalent service and with a far better ecological footprint.


So, what is the answer?

Shop-Essex is a brand new site developed to connect Essex people with Essex products. Although not yet live (launching in May 2021) Shop-Essex are adding vendors (people that wish to sell in Essex) to their site as we speak  . .(or write).

The site is growing but it will always be manageable, and products will always be easy to find. With a simple search bar and easy to fing categories you can pretty much ensure taht you r product will be rowards the front of the queue.

Essex has a population of over 1.9 million, plenty, Shop-Essex feels to spread around.


How do I sell on Shop-Essex and how much will it cost me?

It is simple to register to sell on Shop-Essex, all you do is register, fill in your details, add your bank that you wish payments to go to and bob’s your uncle you will be up and running.

The fees are modest for sellers, there is a 7.5% admin fee and 2.5% credit card fee. So, if you sell nothing you pay nothing. (but we very much doubt this will happen).

As you can see illustrated below, when you register for shop Essex you get your own store front and all the settings that come with that including information on sales and requests and lots more. You can add a ‘chat now’ feature and you can request that shoppers follow you and are messaged when you add a new product, you can link your svery own shop page to social media and link the social media to your shop page.

Click on the two images below to see an example of  a shop front and the control panel.

Another exciting part of Shop-Essex is this. Once you have set up your shop and start selling Shop-Essex also offers vendors an opportunity that no other local multi-vendor site offers. You are invited to write a regular blog about your business or about anything that involves business and buying or manufacture in Essex, or really anything you like within reason. This blog can be linked to yiour shop and or social media and is a great tool for driving more visitiors to the site.

Shop-Essex already enjoys a diverse group of vendors, from Scandinavian styled furniture to Hand-made jewellery and greetings cards, afternoon tea hampers,  to full sized models of an African Elephant, all unbelievabley created and sold in Essex.

Another advantage of running your business via Shop-Essex is that you can update information, add products, on your laptop whilst relaxing during the evening, on a train or lying on a beach! Why not?

There really is nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Shop-Essex are marketing the site across the whole of Essex and are working at this moment on social media, newspaper and magazine advertising and are even developing a series of radio adverts.

If you are interested in running a shop from Shop-Essex please go to their registration page where you can set yourself up as a vendor and start the ball rolling. If you would like to talk to someone about Shop-Essex please call John Potter on 07505 231501 or email at


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